Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ties Have It!

Maybe it's petty, but which one looks presidential, and which one looks like he is modeling for a Sears suit ad?

On sale $199 (tie tack not included)

Commander in Chief

Out of the Darkness

So I have finally emerged from the depression that was the Presidential Election. I find it humorous how pundits are blaming Bush policy of the falling stock market. That's odd since quite frankly the only role government has in the economy is holding it back with higher taxes, or encouraging growth by getting out of the way. My buddy Sully says two things drive the stock market: greed and fear.

Why are stock prices falling? Fear. The Democrat (Socialist) party is known for big government paid for by big taxes. Plain and simple. In the words of our President-elect, if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. Investors are bailing out of their positions, taking profits in the hopes of avoiding higher capital gains taxes. Right now it's around 15%, soon to be 25%.

The odd thing is that I totally expected stocks to sky rocket and a bunch of new jobs created just of the anticipation of the hope of change. Ok, yeah that was sarcasm. But hope doesn't change things, actions do, and it's those actions determine whether or not it's good or bad.

The problem with the ideology of the left, is that it takes a government to enforce their belief system. They don't do it on their own, in fact time and time again studies have shown conservatives are far more charitable than liberals. The conservatives feed the hungry and clothe the poor, while liberals wait for a government to do it. Conservatives take action to change the world while the liberals just hope for one.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

I totally did not expect the end where he walked away. I think this is one of the most powerful election videos I have seen in a while. It's not making some sort of conspiracy theory attacks on Obama, but hit his policy on Iraq and touches the heart of what it means to be an American.

The Declaration of Independence describes the rights given to us by God: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. One of the timeless truths about this statement is that it states "all men". Not just us American citizens, or the wealthy, or Christians. All men. It's an undeniable principle. Regardless of how we got in to Iraq (that's a different debate altogether), it doesn't change the fact that under a brutal dictator, the people of Iraq were denied rights given to them by God and our part in helping restore those rights is something of which we can be proud.

There is a line in the movie National Treasure referring to the Declaration of Independence: "People don't talk like that anymore." It's true, people don't talk like that anymore and those who do are mocked or suspected of an ulterior motive. Concepts like freedom, liberty, and life have been twisted by some as a sort of commodity that carries a price tag with a dollar value and we question how much it is worth. At the same time we are inundated with credit card commercials that tell us that a night a the opera or ballgame is priceless. It's no wonder we have a large population of people that don't get it.

Often, the price for securing our God given rights is life itself, and that is a price worth paying. You would think the community organizer would get it considering the struggles blacks in America had in obtaining their own liberties. I guess that defending human rights even after birth are still above his pay grade. At least he is consistent with that.