Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And the winner is...

For the best in the world, the hands down winner has to be.....body language expert! I have heard time and time again why being a teaching is so great, because you get the entire summer off. Well look at the body language expert.

Once you have mastered interpreting body language, does it ever really change? It's not like there are think tanks trying to discover new ways of expressing oneself through body movements. It is what it is, so there doesn't appear to be any ongoing education required.

Also, if having the summer off is great, Imagine having 4 years off!! Body language experts never seem to be around until a presidential election, and even then they only seem to work the weeks following a debate. They are obviously getting paid well, because when they show up on TV, they are well dressed. It's not like they are wearing second hand store suits.

Considering my current employment situation or lack there of, I am strongly considering taking this new found time to study body language, and in 4 years hit the circuit. Just in typing this one sentence, I have more personality than all of the body language experts I have seen this year. I think I have tapped into something big here, I'll keep you informed.

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