Sunday, October 5, 2008

Grand Opening

I am constantly reminded of the joke about a guy in a store and on the shelf are 3 brains. One belonged to a rocket scientist, the other a philosopher, and the third to a drummer. The drummer's brain is the most expensive because it was barely used. Ha ha, I love a good joke, but my intent is to devalue my brain by using it. In the process, maybe I can put a little dent in the Blue Book value of others' brains by getting them to think a bit as well.

I have absolutely no qualifications for why anyone should care what I think, but how is that different for anyone else who is willing to share their thoughts? Ok that is not entirely true. My biggest qualification is that I care. If I can shock someone, give them a different angle on a topic or simply get them to crack a smile I have accomplished something, and that is what I care about.

I know I am late to the blogging bandwagon, but I figure blogging is less intrusive to my fellow worship team members than an email to the distribution list. They don't HAVE to read this blog and therefore I assume no responsibility for annoying, disturbing, or offending. This will also add value back into my emails because now those emails should be about something whereas this blog will be about nothing (and everything). I will try to stay factual, but I am not a researcher, journalist, or scientist, so DO NOT use this blog a source of real information. Just thoughts.

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