Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who is Joe the Plumber?

So it didn't take long for us to learn all about Joe the Plumber. Just a few short days after he asked Obama about his tax plan, and after he became a topic of discussion during the third debate, it looks like we know all we need to know about him. For one, he is evidently unlicensed, and two he owes $1,200 in back taxes. Certainly not a role model for the conservative movement, right? No, he is the perfect example.

Well I guess I don't know how much I believe what local records show about Joe. In getting plans approved for my remodel, they were kicked back because they didn't show the stairwell. I understand how important that detail would be, except our plans were for a single story addition. Single story meaning one floor. I don't live in the Winchester Mystery House so I couldn't really understand the problem. I think you could see why I find the info suspect, but let's just say it's all true.

The problem I have, is that a private citizen asked a simple question and started a buzz. He got Obama to say he wanted to "share the wealth", which makes him look like a socialist. What a shocker, the Dems have been espousing that for some time, and now even a plumber can figure it out! Please read the sarcasm into that last statement. The Dems are so arrogant they they think they can hide who they are from the Joe the Plumbers of this world, and when they can't look out.

Obama is not even elected yet, and Joe the Plumber didn't even confront him all that much, but the media in their ever rabid support for Obama, have looked for whatever fodder they can to trash the guy. Even dare to question "The Mussiah" (spelled with U like in muslim) and feel the wrath. I am scared as to what might happen if he is elected and he has the FBI, Secret Service, and all the other guys with initials with guns and stuff at his disposal. Joe got trashed by the media, but he's still a free man.

But this whole thing strikes me kind of odd. They Dems are making a big deal over the fact that he doesn't have a license, and other plumbers have accused him of stealing their work, but isn't it the Dems who whole heartedly support amnesty for illegal aliens. Joe is at least a citizen (which might be more than we can say for Obama). I would rather have Joe the Plumber get the job than someone who is even a citizen, and why do union plumbers have a hard time competing. Is that because they charge more for the same services? It's not like they are more skilled, wade into deeper holes of sewage, or climb through tighter crawl spaces.

As far as the taxes go, if the guy guy is planning on buying a business, he probably has the money to pay for the taxes and it's just a simple oversight. It happens, but I doubt there will be any follow up when they get paid. But we could also assume that he is practicing civil disobedience by not paying, or he can't afford it. All more reasons why the left would want to appeal to him. He socially conscious and he's poor. Instead they are more than willing to alienate him and drag him through the mud whether it's because he is a threat to the "let government take care of me mentality".

We all know a Joe the Plumber. He gets up early, works hard at a job that at times can be demeaning, and makes sacrifices to provide for the family. He has principles he lives by and makes no excuses for it. This Joe the Plumber won't even say who he is going to vote for because it's between him and the button he pushes. He doesn't deserved to be trashed or ridiculed. He's not perfect which adds even more to the mystique of Joe. Joe deserves a bit more respect, regardless of his imperfections.

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