Thursday, October 16, 2008

Introducing Joe the Plumber!!!

I love this! It's amazing that Joe the Plumber didn't faint in the presence of "The Messiah". Oh, but whatever you do, don't actually try to ask any additional questions for clarification, as Obama will just cut you off! But I like how he shows him the way to think about it. He essentially says, "Just look how much better off you would have been with me as a president 15 years ago!" Except 15 years ago he was busy gallivanting around Chicago with Timothy McVeigh...oops I mean William Ayres. Sorry I get the two terrorist bombers confused. William Ayres was the one with the Johnny Cochrane type attorney who got him off on a technicality. McVeigh was actually punished for his crime.

We need more Joe the Plumbers in the world. People who are good at something and can run a business, create more jobs, and eventually foster more Joe the Plumbers who do the same thing. These are the guys and gals who need tax breaks not tax hikes! These are the guys who create more wealth by giving those guys starting out jobs. I trust Joe the Plumber to "spread the wealth" way better than the government.

And, if the cutting taxes for Joe helps him create more jobs, imagine if taxes were cut for those evil corporations who create even more jobs.

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hskrbob said...

You need to add one more word at the end of your paragraph...OVERSEAS!